True story

So there's this other guy named Erik Van Wyk who's also a director and has been way before I ever scrounged up just enough money for my Canon 7D with a monopod.

I've been told by numerous production houses around the world that he's a great guy - very chilled out and relaxed. Apparently we even look sort of similar, though of course I've never actually had time to investigate this because I'm so busy.

Early on in my career, I was blatantly mistaken for him, twice. Once on a job I'm sure he never would've taken in the first place, and then another quite okay one that he might've considered but then probably been unable to leave whatever exotic city he was probably in at the time on some way bigger way cooler project.

In this second instance, one of the head creatives gave me a very distinctive greeting - a clear reference among peers, or a movie from the 80's that I'm definitely supposed to have seen, or something.

After awkwardly but encouragingly receiving the audacious greeting as best I could, I then looked up some recent work of my vastly more experienced South African doppelganger and found an amazing new film he did for the World Cup, where everyone in the film across a nation is all united by the magical greeting that the head of creative had just given me, in front of everyone.